Wednesday, December 15, 2010

December Greendrinks

By Melanie Brooks

The December Bangor Greendrinks was a smashing success! Zeth and Betsy Lundy hosted the party at their new store, Central Street Farmhouse, in downtown Bangor. On the menu was a delicious Chocolate Oatmeal Stout, root beer, wine, cider, and more -- all made right on site. All of the brewing, wine making, and cheese making goes on on the first floor of the Lundy's three-story building. The second floor is baby-central. Organic clothes, cloth diapers, toys, and nursing bras galore -- all for the eco friendly mom. The Lundy's are renovating the third floor as their living space. Way to cut down on your commute guys!

Take a look at some of the faces that showed up:

Jessica Sleeth and Gibran Graham.

Kelly Gardner and Noah Lundy.

Anne Schmidt and Josh Schmersal.

Good food, good beer, and good friends -- that's what Bangor Greendrinks is all about! Check them out on Facebook and see more photos from last night's event.